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Update: June 20, 2007
Another court has acted to shut down Swanberg.
This time, it was in Missouri, and he was ordered to
pay over $20,000 in damages and attorney fees.
On March 5, 2007, the Federal District Court in Minnesota issued injunction
ordering that Ryan Swanberg is
"permanently enjoined against
citing to or relying upon the TCPA or its regulations as grounds
upon which to make demands, seek the payment of money
or the compromise of any claims whatsoever.
A copy of the court's order is here.

Who is Ryan Swanberg?
If you don't know, Ryan Alan Swanberg is a self-styled "high-school dropout" and "career plaintiff" who has been known to send letters and e-mails to various companies around the country, and threatening to sue them under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act ("TCPA").  Indeed, he has published a book,  LAWSUIT: How I Turned the Tables On Telemarketers & Debt Collectors, which he advertised "outlines many 'baiting' and 'fishing' techniques used against the unsuspecting collector or telemarketer, to gain standing for a lawsuit."  One commenter on his blog, however, described him as "just another money-hungry jerk--just as bad as the telemarketers."

The Backlash
Swanberg's activities have run into what can only be called a trainwreck.  At least two courts have entered judgments against him for his threats of lawsuits.  The latest is the federal district court in Minnesota which entered an injunction on March 5, 2007.  That injunction bars Swanberg from "citing to or relying upon the TCPA or its regulations as grounds upon which to make demands, seek the payment of money or the compromise of any claims whatsoever."  Still more suits are pending against Ryan Swanberg.  Results will be posted here as soon as they are obtained.

What to do if you are contacted by Ryan Swanberg threatening a TCPA lawsuit?
Contact your attorney, and be sure to provide your attorney a copy of this court order and this second court order enjoining Ryan Swanberg from making such demands.

Various Websites
Ryan Swanberg has material on several websites, including:
Further Information
It appears that Ryan Swanberg believes that when he gets sued by these companies, he can ignore the suits because he thinks they are invalid, and he thinks that the people who win these suits against him will violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act in trying to collect on their suits.  If you have a judgment against Ryan Swanberg and intend to collect on it, be extra careful.

Articles about Ryan Swanberg
Why is he wrong?
We were informed that attorneys have told Ryan Swanberg in writing as early as January 2006 (if you know of an earlier letter, please contact us), that his threatened TCPA lawsuits against out-of-state companies that have never called him are without merit.  Those attorneys informed him in writing that he 1) lacks the requisite "more than one call in any 12-month period" to enable the private right of action in the TCPA, and that he has no basis for personal jurisdiction of a Minnesota court over an out-of-state company that has never made a telemarketing call into Minnesota.


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